Deaf Interpreting Series: Team Strategies DVD, 2012

3. Deaf Interpreting Series: Team Strategies, 2012 The DVD material includes unrehearsed interpreted situations and discussions that demonstrate the work of a deaf/hearing interpreting team. The material highlights the work of the deaf/hearing interpreting team in a mental health setting, and includes pre-conference discussions and post-conference discussions between the deaf/hearing interpreting team. Samples are presented of how the deaf/hearing interpreting team conducts pre-conference meetings with both the counselor and with the client separately before the mental health session begins. Also presented is the mental health session between the counselor and client working with the deaf/hearing interpreting team.
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3.A Deaf Interpreting: Team Strategies; Pre-Conference Discussion 
3.B Deaf Interpreting: Team Strategies for Interpreting in a Mental Health Setting 
3.C Deaf Interpreting: Team Strategies; School Enrollment Meeting 
3.D Deaf Interpreting: Team Strategies; Post-Conference Discussion 
3.E Deaf Interpreting: Team Strategies; Conclusion 
3.F Deaf Interpreting: Team Strategies; Acknowledgments