Depiction, Blending, and Constructed Action ... Oh My!
Miako Rankin, PhD

The 2012 GURIEC Online Learning Community continues with Miako Rankin presenting Depiction, Blending, and Constructed Action ... Oh My!  For ease of viewing, the topic is broken into two one hour sections.  

In response to your feedback, RID CEUs are segmented for 1) viewing the presentation and taking a post test; and 2) reading supplemental articles & participating in the discussion board. The Learning community opens April 10th with the presentation and articles available. The discussion board opens April 12th.

The Learning Community is open through April 23rd.The discussion is your opportunity to depiction, blending, and constructed action, viewing additional articles provided by Dr. Rankin; then dialoguing with colleagues near and far about the subject.  Miako Rankin moderates the discussion board. This is an excellent opportunity to scaffold your learning to the next level! 

To participate, view the archived presentations by clicking on "Depiction, Blending, Constructed ActionPart 1" and "Depiction, Blending Constructed Action Part 2"; then proceed to the post-test. GURIEC will send you an email after reviewing. (This may take up to a week.) The Post-Test is located under the Post-Test/Evaluation/RID CEU tab. 

For those who are also participating in the Learning Community activities, proceed to the "Material" tab, read the articles and prepare to participate in the Learning Community dialogue through the discussion board which opens on April 12th. 

Finally, please view the RID CEU tab for more details about receiving CEUs.

GURIEC Online Learning Community - Spring 2012
Part 1

GURIEC Online Learning Community - Spring 2012
Part 2