The purpose of the second National Symposium on Video Interpreting: Video Remote Interpreting was to explore current practice in video remote interpreting (VRI). This symposium addressed where VRI is being done, and who's doing it. It explored current practice, research, and implications for the field of interpreting by looking at applications in both signed language interpreting and spoken language interpreting.

· To inform participants about the current practices within video remote interpreting 
· To inform participants about research being done within remote interpreting 
· To encourage the formation of a community of practice among video interpreters 
· To encourage research about aspects of video remote interpreting

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2.a Greetings from the GURIEC Director

Beverly Hollrah,.M.Ed
Program Coordinator, GURIEC

2.b Symposium Welcome
Dr Stephen Weiner
Provost, Gallaudet University

2.c Welcome
Dr. Carol Erting
Dean of Graduate School and Professional Programs, Gallaudet University

2.d Symposium Structure
Mary Henry Lightfoot
MS, CI/CT, NIC: Advanced Program Coordinator, GURIEC

2.e A Study of Video Remote Signed Language Interpreter-mediated Interaction in Australia
Jemina Napier
Lecturer and coordinator of the Auslan/English Interpreting program in the Department of Linguistics at Macquarie University, Sydney.
Click Here for Part 1 of Jemina Napier's PowerPoint presentation

2.f Case Studies in Legal Interpreting
Tracy Clark
Chair Court Interpreters Advisory Panel and Certified California Court Interpreter

2.G The State of Remote Interpreting in Oregon
Ed Alletto
ASL Interpreter II

2.H Interpreter Practitioner Perspectives on Video Remote Interpreting
Jeff Williamson
Interpreting Practitioner BA, CI/CT

2.I What if the TV really is talking to me? Video Remote Interpreting in Mental Health Settings
Roger Williams
Director of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Mental Health Services in the South Carolina Department of Mental Health
Click Here for Roger William's PowerPoint presentation

2.J Video Mediated Legal Proceedings: the past, the present and the future
Carla M. Mathers
M.Ed Program Coordinator, GURIECLead Faculty Interpreting in the American Judicial Center Certificate
Click here for the PowerPoint of Carla Mather's presentation

2.K Consumers & Video Remote Interpreting
Howard Rosenblum
Chief Executive Officer, National Association of the Deaf 
Click here for Howard Rosenblum's PowerPoint presentation

2.L Video Remote Interpreting Best Practices
Alan Arbarnanell
Manager, Communication Solutions, TCS Associates
Phillip Aiello
Employee, TCS Associates
Click here for the PowerPoint of Alan Arbarnaell's presentation

2.M Spoken Language Interpreting and Use of Remote Interpreting
Barbara Moser-Mercer
Directrice, Department d'Interpretation, Faculte di traduction et d'interpretation (ETI), Universite de Geneve, Switzerland

2.N Ohio's Interpreting Initiative for State Courts
Ben Hall
University For Legal Interpreting, MARIE Center, University of Northern Colorado

2.O Interpreter Practitioner Perspectives on Video Remote Interpreting
Shawn P. Huff
Operations Program Manager, Birnbaum Interpreting Service

2.P Interpreting via VRI in the Medical Setting
Vanessa Nino
Language Services Manager, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital 
Click here for Vanessa Nino's PowerPoint presentation

2.Q Inova Health System and VRI (Video Remote Interpreting)
Jaclyn Evans
Sign Language Services Manager, Office of Health Equity, Inova Hospital 
Click here for Jaclyn Evans' PowerPoint presentation

2.R Interpreter Practitioner Perspectives on Video Remote Interpreting
Richard Laurion
Director of Programs and Operations, CATIE Center, St. Catherine University

2.S Postsecondary Video Remote Interpreting
Bambi Riehl
Associate Director, Technical Assistance, Pepnet 2 
Click here for Part 1 of Bambi Riehl's PowerPoint presentation
Click here for Part 2 of Bambi Riehl's PowerPoint presentation

2.T Postsecondary Video Remote Interpreting
Lisa Caringer
Coordinator for Sensory Disabilities, Southern Illinois University
Click here for Lisa Caringer's PowerPoint presentation