DSAT Staff

Deaf Self-Advocacy & DeafBlind Self-Advocacy Training is a priority of the NCIEC and GURIEC.

We are thrilled that the National Association of the Deaf has taken over the DSAT program now that the NCIEC grant has ended. 

The Deaf and interpreting community recognize that Deaf, hard of hearing, and Deafblind consumers often face barriers to communication access. We know individuals can be powerful advocates for their own needs, when they are aware of their rights and feel confident explaining them effectively to others. The Deaf Self-Advocacy Training Curriculum is dedicated to an "...of, by, and for the Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-blind" philosophy, and consists of 8 excellent modules on communication rights and access. GURIEC Coordinator Hilary Mayhew is a member of the national DSAT/DBSAT Taskforce.

DSAT Curriculum

We hope you can use this curriculum in your community!  Visit the DSAT website for more information.

Questions about Deaf & Deafblind self-advocacy?
 Check out the DSAT FAQs or contact NAD with questions! 



Find a DSAT or DBSAT Trainer for your organization, school, or community. 

Trainers may be volunteers, VR employees who can to serve your community as part of their duties, or retained with an honorarium from your organization.

Want to become a trainer or sponsor a Train-the-Trainer session for your community or organization? Invite one of the Master Trainers to provide a Train the Trainer workshop in your community!

Allies and supporters can support DSAT by donating to NAD, printing curriculum guides to donate to local organizations, or organizing a "print-a-thon." Use this flyer template you can use with local IEP students or community members, to encourage donations.



DSAT Trainers in the GURIEC region host multiple training in their communities every year.  We love to hear from organizations who have benefitted! Please let us know how you are using DSAT.    

On June 24-25, GURIEC sponsors DSAT and DBSAT Train the Trainer Seminars, in collaboration with Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation and Georgia Public Schools. We look forward to seeing DSAT and DBSAT available across the state to Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing students. Georgia VR is also looking to offer part-time DSAT Trainer positions as an employment opportunity to VR clients in their state. 


In Feb 2016, Master DSAT Trainer Kimberly Thornsberry (AL) hosted a DSAT Train the Trainer seminar in Alabama as part of her work with AL VR. Kim also presents regularly about DSAT at VR and Deaf conferences in our region.

In May 2015, GURIEC partnered with Civic Access (VA), Virginia Association of the Deaf, and Bayside Center for Independent Living (MD) to host a DSAT Train the Trainer seminar. The group of very motivated trainers have hosted many Self-Advocacy events for students and adults across MD, DC, and VA!


In Nov 2013, GURIEC hosted a Train-the-Trainer session for community organizations in the Maryland region. Independent Living Center staff, Vocational Rehabilitation staff, and community representatives joined the training and are now available to provide consumer trainings.

GURIEC also presented about DSAT at the MDAD/PCRID Regional Conference in 2013. Director Bev Hollrah, DSAT Curriculum developer Margie English, and DSAT Trainer Hank Passi presented, "Deaf Self-Advocacy: Deaf People Discovering their Inner Advocate."