Deaf Interpreter Curriculum 2016 Digital Edition NCIEC

GURIEC supports the NCIEC Deaf Interpreting Taskforce and is thrilled to see expanding recognition and opportunities for Deaf interpreters in our region. A Deaf Interpreter is a specialist who provides interpreting, translation, and transliteration services in American Sign Language and other visual and tactile communication forms used by individuals who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and Deaf-Blind. 

Questions about the work of Deaf interpreters? Contact us.


Interested in becoming a Certified Deaf Interpreter or learning how to team with Deaf Interpreter colleagues?

We hope you keep looking for opportunities to grow your skills, and we're here if you have questions!


In November 2015, GURIEC and GIS sponsored NAOBI-Atlanta's CDI Training Series, taught by Rayni Plaster. We also arranged for participants to sit for the RID CDI Knowledge Exam at the completion of the training. NAOBI-Atlanta will continue offering this series 

GURIEC converted all of the Deaf Interpreter DVD Series to online videos in fall 2015, now available on our YouTube channel. 

In Fall 2014, GURIEC and GIS co-sponsored a weekly CDI Knowledge Exam Study Group for local Deaf interpreters, many of whom passed their exams!

In Spring 2013, GURIEC organized a Deaf Interpreter Training, taught by Jimmy Beldon. This training was offered in part as a follow-up to a local NAOBI-DC initiative, who provided a Deaf Interpreting 101 workshop the previous year.