Discover Interpreting is an outreach initiative that promotes interpreting as a viable, rewarding vocation and provides critical information to prospective interpreters. We try to answer the common question, "How do I become an interpreter?" with high quality resources. NCIEC developed this project because the national need for skilled interpreters exceeds the current number of working interpreters, especially as many seasoned interpreters near retirement. We also see this program as an important way to reach out to potential Deaf interpreters, trilingual interpreters, and interpreters of color. We hope our efforts help meet the needs for culturally appropriate interpretation in the diverse Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind community. 

GURIEC provides Discover Interpreting presentations, Discover Interpreting Ambassador training, and resources for using these materials in your community. 

How can you help people Discover Interpreting? 
Please share the site! It includes videos (in English and ASL) of interpreters discussing their work, a national directory of interpreting programs and advice for selecting one, links to relevant social media groups, and more. For more information and ideas for using these materials, see our community letter

Questions about Discover Interpreting? 
Our projects and resources below may give you ideas, or contact us with questions. We're happy to help!


Discover interpreting can help Deaf organizations, IEPs, and others recruit skilled future interpreters! We have brochures, posters, and videos you can distribute or adapt for your program.  

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Discover Interpreting brochures & bookmarks.
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Discover Interpreting posters.

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Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Click the link to let us know so we can get in touch with you. 

Already an ambassador? Please request to join our Discover Interpreting Ambassadors Community page for resources, protocols, and information sharing.  


In March 2014, GURIEC Coordinator Hilary Mayhew presented a Discover Interpreting Ambassadors training for NAOBI-DC members, PCRID members, and other interested interpreters. One new ambassador did a presentation right away in April for Duval High School in MD, and another took the initiative to offer training at the Coda International Conference in June! More trainings are in the works, and we look forward to seeing this program reach more potential interpreters. At NAOBI-DC's Religious Interpreters Conference in November, 2013, Hilary and NAOBI-DC President Kafi Lemons gave a Discover Interpreting presentation to a fantastic crowd. Many interpreters who are learning to sign from the Deaf members of their religious organization were excited about the professional possibilities interpreting could represent in their future. Hilary and Kafi loved their positive energy and hope to make this presentation annually. 

In 2013 & 2014, GURIEC also partnered with NAOBI-DC to do Discover Interpreting presentations in local high school ASL classes. We had a great time taking alumni back to their high schools to share information, answer questions, and showcase their successful interpreting careers.