Excellent professional development is one of our main goals at GURIEC. We aim to contribute to greater skill and diversity in our field by providing high quality research, education, and training, especially to those who may not have access to many professional development opportunities in their local communities.  

We accomplished this goal by providing at least three educational activities per year of significant scope and sequence. Most activities were offered both for on-site and online participants. After an initial workshop, we offered an Online Learning Community (OLC). The OLC allowed interactive learning, even at a distance, and was a great way to apply learning through activities, discussions, and video meetings with peers and the trainer.  

Questions about professional development and online learning opportunities? Want to consult with use about a professional development need in your community? Contact us.


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The Community Calendar lists the events of regional and national partners. Add your event to the calendar too!

GURIEC transferred the calendar to the Dept. of Interpretation and Translation, so it is still live and updated often! 

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Catch up on excellent previous lectures and presentations. With our partnership with CEUs on the Go you can also earn CEUs for many of our past lectures for a fee. Join CEUs on the Go and look for our content under Instructional Videos. 

Are you a CMP sponsor? You can host a viewing & offer CEUs to your group! If you're interested in hosting, please let us know; we may be able to provide additional resources or suggested learning activities.