Specialized interpreting requires specialized training, and NCIEC committed to providing quality resources for interpreters with specific goals. The Rehabilitative Services Administration, and GURIEC shares their priority of equipping interpreters with the skills they need to adequately serve Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind individuals in many settings.

GURIEC supported collaborative projects with NCIEC centers, and provided specialized training, particularly in VRS/VRI interpreting and diversity and equity in interpreting.

Please visit the NCIEC Interpreter Specialization page for an overview of each specialty area:

Deaf-Blind interpreting, Deaf interpreters, legal, healthcare, ASL/English/Spanish, Vocational Rehabilitation, and VRS/VRI interpreting.

Questions about specializations? 
Our projects and resources below may give you ideas, or contact us with questions. We're happy to help!


From 2017-2022, keep an eye out for specialty resources from the new grant programs below. Each grant will serve at least 3 geographic areas, so there might be trainings near you!

  • Interpreting for clients with dysfluent language (Northeastern Univeristy)
  • Interpreting in Mental Health Settings (St. Catherine's University, MN)
  • Experiential learning for recent interpreter graduates (St. Catherine's University, MN)
  • Interpreting and the Pro-Tactile movement in Deafblind communities (Western Oregon University)
  • Legal Interpreter specialization, with a focus on heritage signers and interpreters of color (University of Northern Colorado)


Visit the links below for an overview of NCIEC collective efforts. Visit GURIEC's specific Programs & Projects pages at left for for regional updates and more resources.