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Day 3


Opening Remarks



Opening Remarks




Unconference Day


Plenary: (.2 CEUs)

Jemina Napier, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Legal Perspectives:  (.15 CEUs) 

Carla Mathers, Esquire, SC: L, Marie Center/University of Northern Colorado


Consumer Perspectives: (.15 CEUs)

Howard A. Rosenblum, 

Chief Executive Officer, 

National Association of the Deaf 


Health Care Interpreting: (.25 CEUs)

Vanessa J. Niño MPA, CMI, 

Language Services Manager, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital


Jaclyn Evans, Sign Language Services Manager, Office of Health Equity, Inova Hospital


Roger C. Williams, ABD, LMSW, CT, NAD V, Director, 

Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

Community Mental Health Services, 

South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Interpreter Practitioners: (.2 CEUs)

Jeff Williamson, BA, CI/CT

Richard Laurion, MA, NIC: Adv.

Shawn P. Huff, Sr., CI/CT, NIC


Plenary: (.2 CEUs)

Barbara Moser-Mercer,

Directrice, Département d'interprétation, 

Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation (ETI), 

Université de Genève, Switzerland 

Educational Perspectives (.2 CEUs)

Bambi Reihl, Associate Director Technical Assistance,  

Pepnet 2

Lisa Carringer, CI, M.S., Coordinator for Sensory Disabilities, 

Southern Illinois University 


Case Studies in Legal Interpreting: (0.2 CEUs)

·         Tracey Clark

·         Ervin Dimeny

·         Ben Hall

·         Edward Alletto


Business/Technology  perspectives (0.2 CEUs)


Alan R. Abarbanell, 

Manager Communication Solutions, 

TCS Associates 

Phil Aiello, TCS Associates





Legal  (.1 CEU)


HealthCare (.1 CEU)


Education (.1 CEU)


Business (.1 CEU)


Technology (.1 CEU)


Research (.1 CEU)


Operations (.1 CEU)


Other (.1 CEU)