"I am working to become a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter, and Gallaudet is without question the best place. It is the most prestigious school as well as the mecca for equal access in the deaf community globally. The BAI program is highly interactive and challenging, and is preparing me extremely well."
Nguyet (Lola) Phan
Washington, D.C.
Interpretation Major

A Full Immersion Experience

Gallaudet is the world's only bilingual American Sign Language and English university-and the only university in the world that offers undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees in ASL-English interpretation. Our renowned interpretation program draws deaf and hearing students from around the globe.

Through comprehensive coursework, field experiences and research, you will gain the knowledge and skills in ASL interpreting to achieve success in this high-demand career. Our program includes hands-on training in a variety of settings; supporting courses in ASL, deaf studies, biology and linguistics; and the incomparable benefits of living and studying in a bilingual environment.

Graduates work in legal, medical, business, education and federal organizations throughout the United States and other countries.
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Other Gallaudet Degrees in This Field
  1. MAI: IR
  2. MAI: CIPR
  3. Ph.D. in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Ask about our accelerated M.A. program offered exclusively to Gallaudet BAI students. Keep reading to learn more about the interpretation program and career outcomes.