Success Stories/Alumni

Kacey Lundgren was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She earned her B.A. in interpretation and decided to further her education by getting a MA in Interpretation from Gallaudet University.  Kacey’s knew that the skills and experience she would gain at Gallaudet would allow her the freedom to work wherever she desired.

Kacey is currently employed by the Department of Education in Hawaii as an Educational Interpreter.  For the past three years she has been assigned to an elementary school.  Kacey states that, “Gallaudet helped prepare me for my career in that many of the courses at emphasized developing the skills needed to quickly and accurately analyze various kinds of texts. Within a regular (elementary) school day teachers will often teach orally, read from textbooks, read literature, sing songs, play games, watch videos, use powerpoint and basically do whatever else it might take to help students learn. Fresh from my bachelors program the thought of such a varied and unpredictable daily schedule was nerve-wracking; however, after graduating from Gallaudet I feel confident in my ability to interpret no matter how many “surprise” lessons a teacher may throw out.”

Kacey’s advice to future graduate students is to, “Make sure to find your niche, whether it’s freelancing, medical, educational, business or other.  Figure out what you enjoy doing and it makes interpreting so much easier.”