Melissa (Missie) Lopez was born and raised in Burke, Virginia.  She decided to come to Gallaudet because she wanted to take the opportunity to study under leaders in the interpretation field.  She graduated from the MA in Interpretation program in 2009 and is now a freelance interpreter in the D.C. Metro area. 

Missie reflects on her studies at Gallaudet and states, “My professors taught me to constantly seek to improve myself and my skills, and never accept second-best. I graduated with a solid understanding of interpretation history, models, and current research in the field. I also had a clear path to embark upon my career as a full-time, professional interpreter.” 

Her advice to future graduate students? “Your time at Gallaudet is extremely short; make the most of each day and each opportunity. I highly recommend graduate students in any program to connect with the campus by living in the dorms and going to campus events like athletic events, research presentations, theatrical performances, and simply hanging out in Rathskellar! Work harder than you think is possible, and you will achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.”