Video Research Spotlights Guidelines

Video Spotlights

Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research
March 31-April 2, 2017

  • Are you a student or recent graduate that would like to spotlight your research using video?
  • Are you a scholar who has been involved in a project that advances interpretation or translation?
  • Are you seeking feedback on a research project in progress?
  • Can't come to the Symposium, but want to share your research?

If so, Video Research Spotlights is for you! Video Research Spotlights provides a new opportunity for students, practitioners, and scholars to make and share a short (3-minute maximum) video about a smaller-scale research study, a project in progress, or application of their research to a real-world interpretation or translation issue.

The Video Research Spotlights will be shown online via YouTube throughout the Symposium.  Be as creative as you want when creating your video - there is no fixed format for the Video Research Spotlights so you can include images, text, or video clips in your production.

Information about the Spotlights

Content: Submissions must be related to research in signed language interpretation and translation. The content may summarize a research project, provide a synopsis of a research initiative, or describe a research project in progress.

Number: Individuals may submit more than one video.

Online Submission Format: YouTube

Length: Videos are to be a maximum of 3 minutes.

Language: Presentations can be made in a signed language (or International Sign) or a spoken language. You can use an interpreter as well.

Subtitles: The videos must include English subtitles of the content. You may subtitle within the video editing process OR use the YouTube captioning feature to add English subtitles. (Do not rely on auto-generated YouTube captions).

Your contact Information: Please incorporate your name, affiliation, and contact information within the video in writing

Attendance: We want to share your work so please submit a video even if you are unable to attend the symposium.

Deadline for submission: Monday, February 13, 2017

Three Step Process

  1. Create your video! (Three minutes maximum and with English subtitles).
  2. Complete the Video Spotlights Submission Form.
  3. Include the YouTube link to your video on the Video Spotlights Submission Form. Set video as "public" or "unlisted." Don't submit as "private" since this will block access to the video.

All done? You're in! All video submissions that meet the guidelines will be shown at Symposium. Thank you for sharing your work!

Questions? Email: