Student Learning Outcomes

By the middle of the program, students will be able to:
Outcome 1:
 Discuss and explain concepts in the foundational areas of phonology, cognitive linguistics and generative grammar.

Outcome 2:
 Identify generalizations in linguistic datasets and argue for them in a coherent manner, both in writing and signing.

Outcome 3:
 Demonstrate and apply principles governing responsible conduct of scholarly inquiry, the principles of academic honesty set forth in the Gallaudet Graduate School Policy on Academic Integrity, and the guidelines and requirements of the Institutional Review Board, where appropriate.
By the end of the program, in addition to meeting the outcomes above, students will be able to:

Outcome 4: 
Formulate clear research questions related to a broad range of linguistic phenomena and develop a systematic plan for investigating them.

Outcome 5: 
Evaluate claims made in the sign language linguistics literature.