Many videos of ASL signers can be found on Gallaudet University's Video Catalog, which also houses the Linguistics Video Collection (see sidebar of following web site):

The following are organizations that students and faculty of the Department of Linguistics are members of. These organizations also sponsor conferences regularly.

SLLS: Sign Language Linguistics Society

TISLR: Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Linguistics, updated on SLLS site, the last one was in 2016 (Melbourne, Australia) and the next one will be in Hamburg, Germany in the fall of 2019 

LSA: Linguistics Society of America

LSA resolution on sign language:

ISGS: International Society for Gesture Studies

ICLA: International Cognitive Linguistics Association

Sign Language Corpora Network -
Links to sign language corpora
International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies
Historical Sign Language Database
Spread the sign