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Infant Swim Class: Learning the Basics

12-35 months

Parents are required to be in the pool with the child.

This class is a wonderful way for parents to bond with their children in the water.   Learn how to hold your child in the water so that both you and she feel safe and comfortable.  Teach your child to kick, blow bubbles, jump in and climb out of the pool, float, and glide.  Use of games, songs, and toys keep children engaged, while bonding time with mom or dad makes this experience memorable for both parties. Children love this class!  Please note parents are required to be in the pool with the child.

Gallaudet University Field House Swimming Pool

Michael D. Brecheen

While we do not currently have a waitlist, you can visit our website for upcoming course information.  

Request for refunds must be submitted three days prior to the first day of class to

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate