Gallaudet's Department of Psychology provides a rigorous academic and applied curriculum and is committed to producing scholarly work in scientific and applied areas of psychology. Students and faculty often collaborate with other university departments in Gallaudet's leading-edge research related to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Students develop knowledge of the field of psychology in a bilingual, diverse, multicultural educational context. The psychology major prepares students for graduate study and careers in teaching, counseling, research and administration. Nationally accredited and recognized graduate programs in school psychology and clinical psychology prepare graduates to work with a variety of clients, with a focus on deaf and hard of hearing individuals. All programs include extensive research and field experience.

Department of Psychology Anti-Racism Statement of Solidarity (June 2020) Dear Gallaudet Psychology Students, Faculty, Alumni, and Wider Community, The Department of Psychology at Gallaudet University acknowledges and condemns the systematic, racialized violence that harms Black members of our d/Deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, Deaf Disabled, and hearing communities. The recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd deepen existing wounds from centuries of injustices facing Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). We grieve for the lives taken by racist violence, including that of James Powell (1964), Fred Hampton and Mark Clark (both of 1969), Amadou Diallo (1999), Trayvon Martin (2012), Eric Garner (2014), Michael Brown, Jr. (2014), Tamir Rice (2014), Sandra Bland (2015), Freddie Gray (2015), Philando Castile (2016), Magdiel Sanchez (2017), Atatiana Jefferson (2019), Bothem Shem Jean (2019), Breonna Taylor (2020), Ahmaud Arbery (2020), George Floyd (2020), Tony McDade (2020), and many more, including numerous others whose names we will never know. We say their names, and we stand in solidarity with those protesting these injustices across the world. We further acknowledge that structural and institutional racism is embedded in Gallaudet and in our department, and that we bear responsibility to dismantle the systemic inequities in our classrooms and beyond. We will continue to engage, attend, learn, and grow to better support our students and colleagues of color and to actively address racism and discrimination within our University and other communities, as we work to create a climate that promotes equity, justice, and care for all. This statement is but a small step, and in itself not action enough to combat longstanding and ongoing racial inequalities and race-related disparities. Individually and collectively, we must and will work proactively to influence and enact change. Therefore, we offer some recommendations for direct action steps that may be used to stand in solidarity with our Black community members, colleagues, friends, and neighbors. Please go to for a brief list of resources. Although we are not on campus at this time due to the current pandemic which has further highlighted racial inequalities, race-related disparities, and impacted our ability to grieve in community, we can reach across the United States and around the world to share our message of support, to stand in solidarity, and to address our own internalized racism. In particular, we are thinking of our Psychology students, their loved ones and we invite all of us to reach out to each other. We are the Psychology Department. As such, we are committed to understanding the psychology underlying racist and discriminatory attitudes, and working towards ways to reduce their impact on people’s lives. We are and will continue to stand for you. In Solidarity, Gallaudet University Department of Psychology

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