Graduate Student Computer Lab

This lab is designed to meet the needs of Graduate Students in the Clinical and School Psychology programs. It contains eight PC based computers (plus two in the student room) with facilities for scanning and printing. Students have standard productivity software, such as the current Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, and internet and email access. Additionally, students are able to use certain Psychology scoring and report writing software on a limited number of the computers. These computers are also used to provide practice on programs used in some classes (e.g. neurophysiology software). These are shared computers and students are expected to use them in a safe and courteous manner.

Test Library

The Department of Psychology manages and supplies a Test Library where an ample selection of current assessment instruments such as cognitive, language, achievement, and neuropsychological tests required for training are available to students and faculty. Since these instruments are very expensive and most graduate students in the School Psychology or Clinical Programs cannot afford to purchase their own, the Psychology Department makes these instruments readily available to graduate students at no cost to them. Graduate students can borrow tests and other related training materials such as videos, books, manuals, CD for computer based training, computerized scoring programs, and computer based tests. However, students are responsible for safeguarding the materials borrowed and returning them in a timely manner. Faculty members also have access to the material housed in the Test Library. Under the supervision of a faculty member, graduate students assigned to the Test Library under special assistantships address the day to day running of the library.

Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area ( )

Through the Consortium of Universities, Gallaudet students can take courses at several other universities in the Washington, DC area. This allows students to benefit from specialized areas of study that may not be offered on the Gallaudet campus, and to associate with students and faculty from other colleges and universities.

Library resources

In addition to the Gallaudet University Library ( ), which has one of the most extensive collections of deaf-related materials in the world, students have access to the resources of the Washington Research Library Consortium ( ). Through the consortium, students can access the library holdings of eight local universities.

The Washington DC area is also home to the National Library of Medicine ( )and the Library of Congress ( ), which have unmatched and extensive resources.