Student Learning Outcomes for Clinical Psychology Program



In line with APA accreditation standards and with our program mission, the following are the expected student learning outcomes upon completion of the program:


1.              Graduates will have an understanding of the Science of Psychology and of Research/analytic methods.

               1.1   Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of methods & content in core areas of psychology, including human development, biological aspects, social aspects,  

                      cognitive, & affective aspects, and the history of the discipline.

               1.2   Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of techniques of research and data analysis to be able to critique, to plan, and to conduct research projects.

2.              Graduates will be familiar with research, theory, and methods of practice in clinical psychology.

               2.1   Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of both normal and pathological development.

               2.2   Graduates will demonstrate clinical assessment skills and will be able to apply theoretical, clinical, and research-based information to practical assessment questions.

               2.3   Graduates will demonstrate skills in psychotherapy and psychological interventions and be able to apply clinical, theoretical, and research-based knowledge to psychotherapy


               2.4   Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of ethical and professional problems and their solutions.          

               2.5   Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledgeable of cultures other than their own and be able to apply clinical information to multicultural settings.

3.              Graduates will be competent to work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing as well as hearing clients

               3.1   Graduates will demonstrate the communication skills needed for effective clinical services to deaf and hard of hearing clients.

               3.2   Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of deafness and its implications for individual, family, and community life.

               3.3   Graduates will demonstrate competency in clinical services with both deaf and hearing individuals.