Program Accreditation

The Gallaudet University PsyD School Psychology Program received approval to open in May 2021 by the Gallaudet Board of Trustees and immediately recruited candidates into the program for fall 2021. Because the program is brand new, it is not yet ready for APA or NASP review and subsequent accreditation until it has recorded data demonstrating the program is effectively training students following APA standards and competencies. It is the program’s goal to apply for accreditation as soon as it is eligible so that the first group of graduates receive their degrees from an APA and NASP accredited program. Completion of the 97-credit course of study, passing the Praxis, and an application (plus application fee) satisfies requirements for School Psychology certification in the District of Columbia Public Schools. When the program is NASP approved, graduates may receive certification as school psychologists in the many states that recognize NASP accredited training programs.