Transition Point Requirements
1. Entry into the Program Recommendation for admission by the Admissions Committee based on completed application (Optional GRE scores; Psychology Major or Equivalent Course Background; GPA minimum 3.0; recommendation letters; interview, & Personal Statements/Essays on experience related to deafness sub-specialization, rationale for entering the profession, goals, & related work experience).
2. Awarding the M.A. in Developmental Psychology with Specialty in Working with Deaf Children Successful completion of 31 semester hours of specified graduate courses with a B or better, an additional six credits in ASL required, and a pass on the comprehensive examinations.
3. Advancement to Advanced Doctoral Practicum II & III Completion of all previous transition points plus a prerequisite grade of B or above in Practicum I and integrative pre-advanced doctoral practicum field experiences, successful ratings on Practicum I and Pre-Advanced Doctoral Practicum Field Supervisor/Faculty Surveys, completion of a six credits ASL courses (or waiver), and successful completion of the Communication Profile.

4. Advancement to Internship


Successful completion of M.A. plus 44 credits; Advanced Doctoral Practicum with of B or above; successful completion of Practicum logs, Field Supervisor/Faculty Surveys (Advanced Doctoral Practicum II & III and Consultation), Intervention Binder, Pre-Internship File (Individual Internship Plan, and Communication Profile); and passing the Research Applied Project (program evaluation). Candidates are required to take and pass the PRAXIS at the end of their 3rd year.

5. Awarding the Psy.D Degree in School Psychology


Successful completion of all previous transition points plus 12 internship credits, a full-time academic year internship of at least 2000 hours,  monthly Internship Logs, successful Field Supervisor/Faculty Surveys, and Internship Intervention Binder (includes: Internship Comprehensive Intervention Case Studies (Academic & Behavioral), Family/Parent and Teacher Workshop Report, and Legal and Ethical Case Application Report), completion of the Candidate Exit Survey, and Evaluation of Internship Site/Supervisor. Total 97 credits.
6. Alumni Status Completion of the Alumni Survey and Employer Survey (+ 3 years).