1. Do I need to know American Sign Language (ASL) to apply to the program?

The short answer is no. Students who enter our program have varying levels of sign proficiency. Some are totally new to signing (but earned an invitation for admissions due to high ratings across other application criteria), others are native signers or interpreter-level, and many are in between. Gallaudet offers sign communication courses for students at all levels as well as intensive summer learning opportunities. You do not need to know ASL to apply, but we expect students to take at least 4 ASL classes to develop their sign proficiency while at Gallaudet.

2. Do I need to have a major or minor in psychology to apply?

If an applicant does not have an undergraduate major in Psychology, then the Admissions Committee will review the transcript for specific psychology coursework, with at least four to five psychology courses. General Psychology is an adequate start, but the Admissions Committee will look for more advanced coursework in psychology, covering such areas as Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics, Research Methods, Adolescent Psychology, and the like. It is very important that a Statistics course be in the applicant’s background. Statistics is generally required of all psychology majors.

3. How are classes taught- in English or ASL?

Gallaudet University is a bilingual academic institution- English and ASL. Students are expected to develop proficiency in both languages. In the PsyD program, there are interpreters in the classroom for the first year, so classes are accessible to all students. During the first school year and during the summer, students begin taking ASL courses. By their second year, students have developed a level of receptive and expressive ASL skills to understand lectures and participate in class imparted in ASL. Students are encouraged to participate in activities on campus and involve themselves in the culture of the university to further develop and reinforce their ASL skills.

4. Do I need to submit GRE scores? Is there a
cut-off GRE score to apply?

The program does not require GRE scores for admissions. It is optional. Some students who apply select to share their GRE scores, and that is acceptable as additional data. However, we do not weigh those scores in the admission process. We find that many strong applicants simply do not do well on the GRE, so the program does not require GRE scores or have a specific cutoff score.

5. Are there scholarships or assistantships offered by the program once I am accepted?

The Graduate School does offer scholarships and assistantships to all students who have been offered admission. The monetary amount is modest and varies from year to year.

6. How long is the program and do most people finish on time?

The program is completed in four years. Students go through the program as a cohort, and it is expected that most students will complete the program in 4 years.

7. Does the program require a dissertation?

The PsyD School Psychology program does not require a dissertation, but it does require an applied research project that is completed over a year under the guidance of faculty.

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