The Psy.D. School Psychology Program requires completion of 97 graduate semester hours, including extensive practicum and internship experiences. The degree awarded upon completion of the full program is the Doctorate in School Psychology (Psy.D.) The program was designed to meet APA Health Service Providers and NASP training standards to be accredited by both organizations when this new program is eligible to apply. The Psy.D. School Psychology Program was built on the foundation on the previous NASP approved Specialist in School Psychology Program, which opened in 1977 and closed in May 2021 with the inception of the new Psy.D. program.

The program generally requires four years to complete (see program of study). The first year includes a 31-credit sequence of courses in psychology and related areas, courses in sign communication (or waiver), and successful completion of comprehensive examinations. Successful completion of these requirements results in the Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology with Specialty in Working with Deaf Children. The post-Masters portion (second and third years) of the program requires an additional 54-semester credit sequence of courses emphasizing school psychological services, content areas, integrative and extensive practicum experiences, and an applied research project. The fourth year of the program requires a 12-credit, full-time school psychology internship, served in a school or school/clinical setting anywhere in the United States and the completion of two Internship Comprehensive Intervention Case Studies. Upon successful completion of all internship year requirements, the Doctorate in School Psychology (Psy.D.) is awarded.