The school psychology program of study is built upon a solid core of academic and applied courses supported by extensive practicum and internship experiences. The knowledge base or content of the program is framed within eight Core Competencies of the School Psychologist and five Special Competency Areas for the Deafness Specialty. Training for each competency area occurs across the curriculum.

A typical full course of study for a graduate student in school psychology is a three year program consisting of two years of course work on the Gallaudet campus and a one (academic) year internship which may be served in a site anywhere in the United States (see Sample Course Schedule). The program specifies required courses and courses that must be taken at Gallaudet. Although some courses may be taken through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area or transferred from other universities, permission of the student's advisor is required (see Waiver Policy and Transfer Credits).

Pre-internship courses that must be taken at the Gallaudet include PSY701 (Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in School Psychology), PSY743 (Assessment I), PSY746 (Assessment II), and PSY765 (Assessment III). Similarly, field-based courses that make up the practicum, consultation externship, and internship series (PSY770-771, 772 and PSY790-793) must be completed through the Gallaudet curriculum. Required courses for the full program include PSY732 (Child Psychopathology and Behavior Disorders), PSY748 (Psychoeducational Assessment and Programming with Exceptional Children), PSY767 (Psychological Consultation: Theory and Practice), PSY766 School Psychology and Prevention Services), PSY736 (Development I: Cognition and Learning), and PSY739 (Development II: Language Development and Assessment). Additionally, students must take at least one course in each of the following areas: educational methods or curriculum, home-school collaboration, multicultural education, audiology, statistics, biological psychology, and psychology and deafness.

All courses required for the School Psychology Program of study must be at the graduate level. If a specific competency is met by a previous undergraduate course (e.g., undergraduate Audiology courses/degree), the undergraduate course may be used to satisfy part of the area requirement, but the graduate student must still complete the required number of graduate-level credits (see Waiver Policy and Transfer Credits).