Sample Course Schedule


Semester 1

  • PSY701 Legal, Ethical, & Professional Issues in School Psych (3cr)
  • PSY711 Principles of Statistics (3cr)
  • PSY732 Child Psychopathology and Behavior Disorders (3cr)
  • PSY736 Development I: Cognition and Learning (3cr)
  • PSY743 Assessment I: History and Theory Assessment (3cr)

Semester 2

  • PSY723 Psychology & Deafness (3cr)
  • PSY739 Development II: Language Dev & Assessment)
  • PSY746 Assessment II: Intellectual Assessment (3cr)
  • PSY770 Practicum I (3cr)
  • EDF730 Multi-cultural Foundations of Education (3cr)

Plus Sign Language Courses (SIG) 6 credits (or waiver)


Semester 3

  • PSY765 Assessment III: Soc, Emotional & Behavioral Assmt(3cr)
  • PSY766 School Psychology and Prevention Services (3cr)
  • PSY771 Practicum II (3cr)
  • PSY754 Biological Psychology: Brain & Behavior (3cr)
  • Elective course in curriculum issues (3cr)

Semester 4

  • PSY748 Psychoed Assmt &Programming Exceptional Chld
  • PSY767 Psychological Consultation (3cr)
  • PSY768 Home/School/Community Collab., Family, & Exceptionality (3cr)
  • PSY769 Collab Prob-Solv Team Roles&Case Studies (2cr)
  • PSY772 Consultation Externship (1cr)
  • A&S707 Aud & Hrg Tech for Ed/Couns. Profs.(3 cr)


Semester 5

  • PSY790 Internship: Individual Case Conferencing (3cr)
  • PSY791 Internship: Teacher Consultation (3cr)

Semester 6

  • PSY792 Internship: Systems Consultation (3cr)
  • PSY793 Internship: Advanced Case Study (3cr)