Greetings Fellow Graduate Students,

The editors of the Gallaudet Chronicle of Psychology would like to extend you all a warm welcome back to school, and we hope you are enjoying the semester thus far! We have a few announcements to make regarding the Chronicle. A new co-editor, Garry Wright, has joined the team.

We want to also announce that the Chronicle is starting the process of creating the 6th Volume for the year of 2019. We would like YOU to join our publication as an author in the next issue of the Gallaudet Chronicle of Psychology. If you are a graduate student with an original manuscript related to psychology, please consider its submission. We are looking for article submissions that relate to a variety of topics in psychology, especially (but not limited to) issues in d/Deafness or disability. If you are not sure whether your manuscript fits our criteria, please review the Article Submission Instructions or contact the editors. Past Issues have included empirical research, literature reviews, theoretical papers, case studies, and reviews of professional issues of psychologists working with special populations. 

There are so many benefits that come from authorship in our journal! You will be a published author, (which goes on your CV!) and this is a minimally stressful way to become published for the first time. We aim to mimic professional, peer-reviewed journals, so you will learn about the paperwork involved in manuscript submission in addition to gaining experience in communicating with editors and masked peer reviewers to improve and polish your article. Our process is author-friendly and seeks to encourage improvement in your work in as unintimidating and helpful of a manner as possible. The journal is here to facilitate your learning and to support your development as a professional in psychology. In addition, your work will formally be available to other professionals and your peers but also freely available to the public via our website. Not only will your manuscript help educate and inform your peers on important issues, but becoming an author also gives our reviewers a chance to develop their skills. Take this as another opportunity to be an active part of the academic psychology community here at Gallaudet and get involved in your own professional development!

Don't miss out on the chance to be able to be a published author in just a few short months. Read over the attached information on article submission, and go through your papers and manuscripts to find something that meets (or can be edited to meet) our criteria. Send your article to us by March 10th 2019.We will send out periodic emails to remind you about our submission deadline.

In addition to article submissions, we are announcing a call for peer reviewers. We are looking for peer reviewers with a variety of backgrounds and expertise in psychology, so that we can best match each manuscript with a suitable reviewer. We take peer-review very seriously at the Chronicle and are looking for those who can critically evaluate a manuscript while upholding the highest ethical standards. This is another professional experience that allows you to boost your CV and make yourself more competitive for applying for internship. It also is another low-stress opportunity to get an inside look at the publication process before you become involved with other professional publications. Peer reviewers assist the editors with reviewing manuscripts for suitability for inclusion in our publication. The experience involves critically evaluating a de-identified manuscript and providing constructive, professionally written feedback for the author. In a way, you will also be published because although we do not divulge who reviewed each author's manuscript, we acknowledge you in our final publicized product by including your name in a list of our reviewers. Please, if you are considering becoming a peer-reviewer for the Chronicle, review the Reviewer Guidelines, Reviewer Responsibilities, and Ethical Responsibilities of Peer-Reviewer to learn more. Email us ( letting us know of your interest by February 17th, 2019, and attach your CV. We will send out periodic emails reminding you about this opportunity, but please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. You can always ask us in person or reach us through e-mail


Gregory Farber and Allison Beckmann
Student Editors-in-Chief