All recent Department of Psychology bachelor's degree recipients are employed (46 percent) or in graduate school (54 percent) within one year of graduation. Several continue their studies at Gallaudet, which offers unparalleled opportunities to develop a psychology career working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

All recent graduate-level alumni of the department are either employed (55 percent) or pursuing further education (45 percent).

Bachelor's Degree Alumni

Graduates work all over the United States in a variety of careers, such as Krystal Johnson, B.A., who is a human resources specialist for the National Institutes of Health. Several have advanced in professional careers serving deaf individuals. For instance, Michael Gournaris, PH.D.  is director of state services for the deaf in Minnesota, and Victoria Flis, M.A. works with a deaf services agency in Louisiana.

Recent Undergraduate Internship Sites

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School Psychology Alumni

Graduates of our Psy.S. program in school psychology work in educational settings around the United States, providing services to deaf and hearing children of varying ages and needs. Our graduates work in public and private schools and school systems, as well as in residential programs for deaf students.

Most of the school psychologists in the metropolitan Washington area who work with deaf students are Gallaudet graduates.

Clinical Psychology Alumni

Graduates of our doctoral program hold positions throughout the United States as:
- Staff psychologists at medical centers
- Mental health administrators at the state and regional levels
- Research scientists
- Psychologists in independent practice