Summer Internship Opportunities

We are offering these internships for summer 2016 for up to ten deaf or hard-of-hearing undergraduate students:

  • Bioinformatics with Dr. Gaurav Arora. Interns will use programming and bioinformatics tools. One project will analyze foreign genes in microbial genomes from the Human Microbiome project, and the second project will annotate the fruit fly genome for genes and transcription factors.
  • Limnology (based in Minnesota), with Dr. Daniel Lundberg. Interns will be studying the water quality of several lakes in north-central Minnesota. Interns will measure water quality, metal and chemical pollutants, and use Geographic Information System (GIS) software to analyze watersheds.
  • Ecosystem Health and Monitoring with Dr. Caroline Solomon. Interns will be studying the Anacostia River, a tributary that is part of the Chesapeake Bay. Interns will perform field sampling and analyze water quality in the lab. At least one intern must be a Gallaudet student.
  • Genetics with Dr. Derek Braun. Interns will be studying the evolutionary genetics of connexin 26 deafness, to understand why these mutations are common. Interns must have some background in computer programming, and will perform simulations and statistical analyses using Python.
  • Nanotechnology with Dr. Paul Sabila and Dr. H. David Snyder. Interns will develop materials using molybdenum disulfide and bismuth telluride, which have applications in next-gen electronic devices, semiconductors, and solar cells. Students will travel to Cornell or MIT/Harvard for final presentations. This internship is based at Gallaudet and Howard Universities and is open only to Gallaudet students.