1. Students will use ASL and written English to communicate information effectively in the field of international Studies with diverse audiences, for a variety of purposes, and in a variety of interdisciplinary settings. (GU SLO #1)
  2. Students will demonstrate basic to intermediate proficiency in a written foreign language. (GU SLO #1)
  3. Students will summarize, synthesize, and critically analyze ideas from the multiple disciplines involved in this major in order to draw well-supported conclusions related to the international Studies field and to their area of concentration. (GU SLO #2)
  4. Students will describe similarities and differences among the political, historical, economic, cultural, and social situations of Deaf and hearing individuals in their international area of interest, as well as similarities and differences between their own Deaf community and one or more Deaf communities in the U.S. or abroad. (GU SLO #3)
  5. Students will describe and apply basic research methodology from Government or Sociology in order to gather, evaluate, interpret, and report information in their area of concentration. (GU SLO #4)
  6. Students will gain perspective on their role as citizens of the world by demonstrating (1) an awareness of the consequences that their own community's or their own country's actions have had or currently have on other communities across the world, and (2) as citizens of the world, they should be able to guide their actions in ways that are consistent with promoting the wellbeing of the larger global community. (GU SLO #5.)