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SmartCatalogIQ Integrations

Feedback & subscription form

Feedback & Subscription Form

Use this form to:

  1. Provide feedback on a design or webpage.
  2. Ensure we keep you in the loop on the pages that are important to you: “notify me.”


Single Course Widget (courseAPI w/ JSONP)


  • Both Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs share the same courses but with different links and GUIDs.
  • CSV format is only available on courseAPI.
  • JSONP w/ callback=? must be used to circumvent CORS.

Undergraduate Catalog (progAPI w/ JSONP)

This widget outputs all Undergraduate program titles and their content if they exist. All fields are represented.

  • Need to add these arrays: requirements.requirement_list.course (3 levels deep)

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate