Just want one or two online courses?

Degree seeking student from other universities/colleges?

Or want to try out a course before applying to a Gallaudet University program? Before you can take fall or spring online courses, apply as a special student at the GU undergraduate admission site or as a graduate special student at the Center for Continuing and Online Education.

Just want to take non-degree/professional development courses?

Prospective and current Gallaudet University students can apply for professional studies (PST) credit courses. PST credits may be applied towards state accreditation/job requirements or degree at other universities, but not at Gallaudet University. Here is a list of online courses that are open to non-degree students.

Seeking online ASL courses?

Information on online ASL 1 and ASL 2 are available at ASL-Online.

Currently a Gallaudet University student?

You may register for Gallaudet online courses that end with OL or HY at Bison.

If you live on campus, your financial aid package may be affected if you take more than two online courses a semester. Check with your financial aid officer first before you register for online courses.

If you do not see any Gallaudet University online courses you want, you can take online courses through the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU). Be sure to register through your advisor who has the current OCICU course schedule. OCICU courses are available only to Gallaudet University students.