Online Consortium of Independent Colleges & Universities (OCICU)

Gallaudet University is a member of the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges & Universities (OCICU). This online consortium is only for GU degree seeking students. It enables Gallaudet University to offer online courses to its students who:

  • can't take conventional courses on campus
  • need a class that is not currently available at GU

OCICU courses are online courses offered by other consortium member colleges and universities whose institutions have been accredited by their regional associations to offer online courses and degrees. Offered in an accelerated format, these courses usually are eight-weeks long. Student register for OCICU courses, pay tuition, and receive grades through GU just as they would any other courses at GU.

Students can only get current OCICU course schedule from their academic or major advisor. Only advisers can give permission for students to register for OCICU courses. Advisers determine if an OCICU course is equivalent to the course a student needs for their degree program. GU-OCICU courses can be found at by selecting Gallaudet University from the member institution drop down box. Click on each course to get detailed course information. Check with your advisor for registration deadlines, term starting and ending dates and drop/withdrawal dates for the OCICU courses. GU-OCICU registration forms can be obtained through your advisor or through the GU Registrar's Office.

Advising information and OCICU documents (including current course schedule) can only be accessed by faculty advisers at the Faculty- OCICU Blackboard Organization.