Online Consortium of Independent Colleges & Universities (OCICU) Advising Information

Gallaudet University students can only register for OCICU courses through their advisor. Only an advisor can determine if an OCICU course is equivalent to the course a student needs for their degree program.

Important: OCICU advising information can be found at the GU Blackboard/My Organization Plus/Online Consortium of Independent Colleges & Universities. It is where current OCICU course calendar, schedule and registration forms are posted. Students do not have access to those documents.

In order to help students find and register for an OCICU course, as an advisor, you are to:

1. first go to Then select Gallaudet University from the member institution drop down box. There you will find the list of GU-OCICU courses that are available for GU students.

2. make sure that the GU-OCICU courses are currently available by going to the course schedule located at the GU Blackboard/My Organization Plus/OCICU. Be sure to note the sessions they are available for. If you do not see dates scheduled for a specific session, then the course is not available.

3. check for registration deadlines through the OCICU annual course calendar to be sure your advisee still can register.

4. help your advisee register for courses using the OCICU Course Request Authorization form. You as an advisor need to sign the authorization form and the GU Student OCICU Commitment/Disability Service Request Policy form.

5. have the advisee submit the OCICU Course Request Authorization form to Dr. Tammy Weiner for the GU Liaison signature before submitting the required signed request authorization and disability service request policy forms to the GU Registrar's Office.

6. give a copy of the OCICU annual course calendar to your advisee. It is important since it has drop/withdrawal dates for the OCICU course(s) your advisor registered for.

If you found a course or two from the current course schedule that is not listed on the GU/OCICU list that your advisee needs to take, email Tammy Weiner at As the GU-OCICU liaison, she can have the course be added to the GU-OCICU course list before the forms are submitted to the GU Registrar's Office.

Dropping OCICU Course(s)

Fill out, sign and submit the OCICU course action form located at the BB/My Organization Plus/OCICU to the GU Registrar's Office. Note the drop/withdrawal deadlines at the OCICU annual course calendar.