Online Teaching Certification

Faculty and adjuncts are to be fully certified prior to teaching online. Gallaudet University certification for online teaching is granted through the Office of Distance Education after the completion of the following GU-online teaching training program. To be certified by Gallaudet University, all completion certificates of the following workshops are to be sent to the GU Office of Distance Education Director at

Click on the following links to sign up for the workshops. They do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Warning: If you fail to complete the Quality Matters & Online Learning Consortium (OLC, formerly Sloan-C) workshops and need to retake, you will be expected to pay the fee when you register directly with the organization offering the workshop.

The OLC Online Teaching Certificate program, separate from the GU Online Teaching Certificate Program, is not available through Gallaudet University; but anyone can register for it on their own.

Gallaudet University Online Teaching Training Program

  • Required GU e-curriculum training: a self-paced online training developed by Gallaudet Technology Services on how to use the institution's learning management system and technology tools. This training requires you to have a GU email account. The course is located at the top right module of the Gallaudet Blackboard dashboard. If you do not have a GU email account, please email when you are ready for this training. You can test out of this training by having your Blackboard course reviewed and passed by the Gallaudet e-learning office. Submit Help Desk request if you want that option. 

                  Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (2-week online workshop)

A facilitated workshop on how to apply the Quality Matters Rubric when developing your online course. Expect to spend up to 20 hours a week doing course activities.

        New to Online: The Essentials Part 1, Getting Started (8-day online workshop)
An essential component of successful online teaching is experiencing online learning for yourself. Gain important online learning experience as you explore critical differences between teaching online and face-to-face, including faculty and student expectations, role adjustments, and course design. Your explorations will include research-based readings and discussions with other new online teachers. This exploration will culminate in a quiz that will help you focus your future online teaching skills and knowledge explorations. Objectives: Describe differences in course design, roles, and expectations for online courses. Explain relevant research impacting course design, roles, and expectations in online courses.