Coordinator's message

Mrs. Elvia Guillermo

MSP is led by Elvia Guillermo, the Program Coordinator. Elvia has a Master‘s degree in Administration/Supervision from Gallaudet University and a Bachelor's degree from Centro Universitario Guadalajara Lamar in Mexico. She has worked for Multicultural Student Programs since 2003.

Mrs. Guillermo enjoys her profession and working with students with diverse backgrounds. Elvia seeks to lead by example and hopes that the challenging experience she had in getting an education in Mexico will empower students here to have a greater appreciation for the opportunities Gallaudet offers.
MSP's success depends upon its student workers. The MSAs (Multicultural Student Assistants) are paraprofessional students who receive training in issues related to culture and diversity. They help coordinate activities and events sponsored by the MSP Office.

The MSAs work in a team environment. Together they lead workshops in the residence halls, work with multicultural student organizations and design marketing /advertising for MSP events.

MSAs are committed to promoting cultural awareness and respect. They enjoy learning about other cultures as well as becoming more familiar with their own cultural heritage.