Gideon Firl recently received B.S. degree biology. He has a passion in filmmaking and storytelling, he is currently editing a filmed collection of Deaf Returned Peace Corps Volunteers telling their stories.

Gideon Firl looking at Norman Moran and the monitor with a green screen in the background. Two unidentified people stood alongside.

Gideon Firl is collaborating with Norma Moran and Allen Neece to complete a short documentary on Deaf people who served in the Peace Corps.  This film will use photographs and brief interviews conducted in 2011 when the National Deaf Life Museum opened the exhibition Making a Difference: Deaf Peace Corps Volunteers.

From right to left: Gideon Firl, Barry White, and Allen Neece all looking at the monitor as they watched Norma Moran sign.

Left to right: Allen Neece, who served the Peace Corps in three countries, Barry White, cinematographer, and Gideon Firl watch as Norma Moran offers an introduction for the film. 

Gideon Firl discussing the film with Norma Moran as she stood inside of green screen area. Cameras and monitors are visible in this photo.

Firl discussing the introduction to the film with Moran, who served in Kenya.

Left to right: Gideon Firl, Barry White, and Norma Moran all reviewing video on monitor.

Gideon Firl, Barry White and Norma Moran are checking film for clarity. Moran, who served in the Peace Corps in Kenya, provided an introductory statement for a short film edited by Firl, a student intern in the Drs. John S. & Betty J. Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center.  White provided cinematography expertise.

Gideon Firl is editing a video that was shot in the studio. There are two images of Deaf Peace Corps volunteers.

Video editing is one of the tasks that Firl does during his internship.