May 04, 2020

Author: Shane Dundas

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APART + CONNECTED  NYC Deaf Life During the Pandemic

How has life changed during this pandemic for the NYC Deaf community?  When everyone wears face masks, how does that affect interactions?  When is information fully accessible and how can communication be better?  Are there signs that are new, or signs that have taken on new meaning?  Are there ways that Deaf cultural life is uniquely helpful during this time?

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The panel took place on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.


Roxanna Aguilo
Carlos Aponte-Salcedo, Jr.
Patrice Creamer
Marina Fanshteyn
Alexandria Pucciarelli-Miller


Brianna DiGiovanni

Panelists uses American Sign Language (ASL).  ASL to spoken English interpreting and real-time captioning provided.

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The Deaf NYC project received major support from:

Additional support from:

  • The Gary S. and Margaret D. Anderson Family Foundation
  • Hebrew Association of the Deaf
  • Union League of the Deaf
  • Numerous Individuals