Spring 2016:
•  February 10, Sandra Jowers-Barber, "Your History, My History, Our History: The Importance of Collaboration in Researching, Presenting, and Documenting Historical Events" 

•  April 13, Anne Leahy, "19th Century Deaf Interpreters in the UK and US Courts"

Spring 2015:
• February 4, Isaac Agboola, "Andrew Jackson Foster: The Man, The Vision, and the 30-Year Uphill Climb"

• March 4, Kim Neilsen, "Was Helen Keller Deaf? Blindness, Deafness, and Multiple Identities"
Fall 2014:
• October 8, Kathleen Brockway, "Baltimore's Deaf Heritage" 

• November 5, Dr. Emily Shaw, "Exploring the Historical Connection between ASL and LSF"  
Spring 2014:
• March 12, Brian Greenwald, "Alexander Graham Bell and the American Eugenics Movement"

Fall 2013:
• Ronald E. Nomeland and Melvia M. Nomeland, "The Deaf Community in America: History in the Making"

• Jessica Lee, "Methods Matter: Gathering Life Histories in Tanzania"
Spring 2013:
• March 7, Benjamin Jarashow, "The 7 Ducks: Behind the DPN Movement"

• April 24, Anja Werner, "Of Medical Miracles: The German Tradition of Defining Deafness as Disability"
Fall 2012:
• September 26, Drew Robarge, "Photographing Deaf People: The Lives and Works of Pioneers in Deaf Photography"

• October 24, Marion Schmidt, "Eugenic Prevention and Educational Perfection: Hereditary Research at Clarke School for the Deaf, 1930-1983."

• November 14, Arkady Belovosky, "The Great Patriotic War: Untold Deaf Heros"
Spring 2012:
• April 18, Jack Gannon, "Writing Our Deaf International History"                                                   

Fall 2011:
• October 12, Harlan Lane and Ulf Hedberg, "People of the Eye" 

• November 16, Jennifer Nelson, "Bulwer's Speaking Hands: Deafness and Rhetoric"                   
Fall 2010:
• September 22, William T. Ennis III, "Eugenics through the Backdoor: Deaf Marriages and Childbearing"

• November 10, Newby Ely, "Deaf Nikkei's WWII Incarceration in American Concentration Camps"

• December 1, Jannelle Legg, "Reverend Thomas Gallaudet and the St. Ann's Church Controversy"

Fall 2009:
• October 7, Joseph J. Murray, "Citizenship through Sign Language: Transnational Discourses" 

• October 28, Ted Supalla, "Charting the History of Register in ASL through Deaf Folklife Films and Written Artifacts" 

• < November 4, Jochen Muhs, "Deaf People in the Third Reich"