Presentations Bringing Credit to the English Language Institute

  • In 1989 for Deaf Way I, the ELI staff presented a poster presentation paper "English and the Deaf Way: The English Language Institute for Deaf Students" on the purpose and function of the ELI program in the international deaf community. This paper was co-authored by Cynthia Patschke, Elizabeth Nowell, Nancy Lewis, Sue Roberts, Timothy Anderson, Holly Roth, and Alexander Quaynor.
  • At the national TESOL convention March 24-28, 1991 in New York City, Mr. Alexander Quaynor and Mr. Timothy Anderson gave a presentation and also created a working paper, "Learning Characteristics of Foreign Deaf Students in An English as a Second Language Program."
  • The ELI program hosted the "ESL in Deaf Education: Bilingualism in Practice" conference at Gallaudet University's Northwest Campus, June 4 - 6, 1992. Mr. Tim Anderson was one of the workshop facilitators.
  • In the Summer/Fall 1995 edition of the Bilingual Research Journal (Volume 19, Numbers 3 and 4, page 46982), Mr. Francisco Cordero-Martinez published his paper, "A Visual-Spatial Approach to ESL in a Bilingual Program with Deaf International Students."
  • From January to May, 2002, Dr. Corazon Balarbar worked on a research paper about ELI students and published it as "Research: A Descriptive Analysis of the Methods Used in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Multi-Lingual Deaf Students."
  • In July 2002, the ELI poster presentation and the ELI booth at the Deaf Way II celebration helped to increase ELI student enrollment.