The ELISO logo design has red continents on a white globe sitting on blue zig-zagging lines.

ELI students belong to the English Language Institute Students Organization (ELISO), which assists them to develop leadership skills. Many ELI students and alumni have become successful leaders in various organizations at Gallaudet University and in the world beyond our campus.

International flag pattern on a swirling blue background

Cultural Awareness Celebration!

Please bring a form of dress form your own country with you when you come to the U.S.A. We will host a cultural awareness celebration here at Gallaudet where you can display your national dress. The celebration is comprised of a variety of events in which you can participate. The purpose is to create a culturally focused educational experience for you and your fellow students. The celebration also offers you the opportunity to teach U.S. students about your country.

6 ELI students dressed in their native costumes