The ELI Approach

Learning English at the ELI is intensive, interactive, and integrated in a rich cultural context. Full time students spend over 18 hours each week in classes, excluding optional classes and tutoring. Students are expected to be responsible for, and actively involved in, their learning. Subjects are taught in a global and coordinated fashion, with an emphasis on visual approaches to learning.

Program Priorities

The English Language Institute has the following program priorities:

  • Provide the highest quality instruction;
  • Prepare students to enroll in a post-secondary academic program or return to the world of work as soon as possible;
  • Instill the confidence necessary for success in academic and social environments.

We strive to meet these priorities through the following means:

  • The use of professionally trained instructors;
  • Continual program review to incorporate the best available methods;
  • Small class sizes;
  • An intensive program of 18+ classroom hours each week;
  • Personal attention to individual needs;
  • The establishment of a strong sense of community among students and staff.

Our success rate is high, with a significant number of students completing the ELI program at its highest level and gaining admission to university study.

Progress Criterion

Acceptance into the ELI program is an opportunity for you to improve English skill, expand your academic knowledge, and have fun with new friends. The program is rigorous, and it is an exciting opportunity for those up to the challenge. Academic content is designed to teach English to domestic students and international students with a solid academic language foundation in their native language and formal schooling experience. However, some students struggle and become frustrated when content exceeds their academic foundation. These students require extensive tutoring, at the expense of assisting more qualified students. Accordingly, each student must demonstrate that he or she can make adequate progress and improvements within two semesters of enrollment. Students without demonstrated progress will be asked to withdraw from the program.


Progress Reports and Certification
Each student’s progress is being assessed throughout the semester. At the end of each semester, teachers provide a written report on the student’s progress and performance. 

There are three types of certificates:

  1. Certificate of Attendance
  2. Certificate of Completion
  3. Certificate of Recognition

The performance criteria for each certificate are listed below.

  1. If a student has been in the program for at least one semester and then decides to leave the ELI program the following semester, he/she would get a Certificate of Attendance.
  2.  If a student decides to continue his/her studies at the ELI program until he/she passes the ACT or TOEFL exams and is accepted to the undergraduate school, ISSP, or the graduate school at Gallaudet University respectively, then he/she would get a Certificate of Completion. The ACT is an undergraduate and ISSP admission test at Gallaudet University. The TOEFL is a graduate admission test at Gallaudet University.
  3. Students who have been accepted to an undergraduate, ISSP, or graduate program at Gallaudet University and showed exceptional performance at the ELI program also are awarded a Certificate of Recognition.