ESO Workshop Descriptions

Students receive a copy of their class schedule during ESO once the placement tests have been completed. Students are encouraged to meet with the ELI Coordinator or the Operations Support Specialist if they have any questions.  Below are descriptions of financial workshops and activities.

Financial Workshops

Billing Policy Workshop

The Billing Policy Workshop helps students to understand their financial responsibilities and covers the following topics.

  1. Advance payment requirements
  2. Bank transfers/money wires
  3. Gallaudet University health insurance plan
  4. Do not let personal or family health insurance expire if you waive Gallaudet's health insurance plan
  5. Bison at
  6. Student Center inside of Bison where the balance due is found
  7. Refund policy for fall and spring semesters

Business Registration

Business Registration is when a person officially becomes a student for the semester and includes the following topics.

  1. Signing a promissory note
  2. Selecting a meal plan
  3. Completing an online waiver form in Bison in order to use the outside health insurance plan that the student or family already has. Filling out an off-campus address form if the student is not living in a dorm on campus
  4. Completing a Family and Educational Rights Protection Act (FERPA) online form in Bison

Website: Student Financial Services

Bank Account Workshop

New students will have a chance to open their own bank account at PNC Bank with the help of the ELI staff. The ELI administration makes the arrangements with PNC Bank so that international students do not need to have a Social Security number to open an account there.