Program Level Tests

ELI has a set of exams that are used for determining student placement, progress, and achievement.

CaMLA Writing Test logo

Each semester, ELI students take the CaMLA Writing Test for promotion purposes for levels up to level 6. When an ELI student meets the criteria for promotion to the next level of English as a Second Language (ESL), the student will be placed into a higher ESL level for the following semester.

Gallaudet ELI logo, with Gallaudet Writing exam

Undergraduate students take the Gallaudet Writing Exam (GWE) to determine if they meet the Gallaudet University undergraduate expectations for English. This writing test is required for undergraduate placement into English classes, including non-credit classes if a passing score is not achieved. To prepare ELI students for their undergraduate requirements, ELI students in level 6 receive practice assignments for the GWE and additional writing homework during their classes.