There are currently six standing committees as follows:

Faculty Development: This committee is responsible for developing proposal guidelines for faculty development funding, and recommend to the chief academic officers proposals to be funded.

Faculty-Student Affairs: This committee is responsible to work with SBG and GSA to improve faculty/student interactions, develop policies regarding student orientations and academic advising, and the conferring of honors. 

Faculty Welfare: This committee is responsible to review all policies and procedures outlined in the Faculty Handbook, revise faculty forms as needed, and review the salaries and benefits of the University Faculty. 

Grievance: This committee serves as a hearing committee for individual faculty members or academic departments/programs who are unable to resolve grievances as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

Institutional Effectiveness: This committee provide leadership and assistance in developing and overseeing a program of evaluation and feedback to enhance institutional effectiveness, and to serve as the primary faculty body responsible for matters of institutional effectiveness.

Tenure and Promotion: This committee reviews the criteria, guidelines and assessment procedures of the departments of instruction for merit increase, reappointment, nonreappointment, promotion and tenure, to confirm that they conform with the faculty evaluation guidelines in the Faculty Handbook.