A. PURPOSE. To conduct its business effectively and efficiently, the UF shall constitute as many standing committees as is necessary.

  1. These standing committees shall be coordinated by the officers of the UF Senate.
  2. A quorum for meetings of these committees shall be a majority of the members of each committee.
  3. Each standing committee shall elect its own chair.
  4. All standing committees shall report to the UF Senate at regular meetings of the UF Senate. The UF Senate will act on all recommendations and final reports made by the standing committees.

B. MEMBERSHIP. Terms of office for standing committees of the UF shall be for a period of three (3) years, beginning August 16 of the year in which the member is elected. No elected standing committee member may serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms on the same standing committee. With the exception of members of the Tenure and Promotion Committee and the Grievances Committee, no elected standing committee member may serve concurrently on the UF Senate, or any other standing committee or legislative council. No faculty member may serve concurrently on the Tenure and Promotion Committee and the Grievance Committee. The absence of a standing committee member from three (3) consecutive meetings without proper notification or just cause shall constitute grounds for recall.

  1. All standing committees of the UF shall consist of members of the UF. The committees shall consist of: a. one (1) member with primary responsibility at the undergraduate level; b. one (1) member with primary responsibility at the graduate level; and c. other members elected at-large from the UF.
  2. No standing committee shall have more than two (2) members from the same academic department and no more than one (1) from the same academic program, with the exception of The Tenure and Promotion Committee in which no more than one (1) member from any department may serve.
  3. Designated administrators of the university may not be elected to standing committees of the UF, but may under the notion of shared governance attend committee meetings. However, a standing Page 10 of the University Faculty Bylaws, Amended April 20, 2015 committee has the right to call an executive session at any time and to request that all nonmembers leave the meeting.
  4. Only tenured faculty members shall serve as chairs of the standing committees.
  5. The UF Chair and a standing committee chair may request and negotiate per diem pay—or other compensation for all committee members and any faculty representative whenever the presence of such faculty is requested or needed during summer months.
  6. The Chairs of the Faculty Welfare Committee and the Grievances Committee may request release time if circumstances warrant.

C. REPLACEMENT. In the event that an elected member on a standing committee due to sabbatical leave, protracted illness, leave of absence, or for any other reason, is unable to fulfill his or her duties, a replacement will be selected by the standing committee chair in consultation with the standing committee membership and the approval of the UF Senate. The duration of the replacement shall be determined on an individual basis.