Faculty Welfare Committee

D. FACULTY WELFARE. This standing committee of seven (7) shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Develop and recommend to the UF Senate policies regarding the rights and responsibilities of individual faculty members, as well as those of instructional departments;

  2. Develop, revise and recommend to the UF Senate guidelines for such matters as teaching qualifications, criteria for promotion, merit increases, tenure, reappointment, non-reappointment, retirement, dismissal, leaves of absence, sick leave, academic leave and sabbatical leave. After approval by the UF Senate, the committee shall publish and distribute these guidelines to the UF;

  3. Develop and recommend to the UF Senate guidelines for faculty teaching and workload which recognize the various responsibilities and activities of faculty at the undergraduate and graduate levels of the UF; and

  4. Exercise, at its discretion, the option of appointing an ad hoc committee consisting of one (1) current member and two (2) former members of the Faculty Welfare Committee. The ad hoc committee shall monitor the implementation of UF Guidelines, as approved by the UF Senate, in the following manner:

    1. The departments of instruction shall send to the Faculty Welfare Committee all recommendations for appointment, merit increases, dismissal, promotion, tenure, academic leave and sabbatical leave;

    2. The Faculty Welfare Committee or the ad hoc committee must approve the recommendations of the instructional departments unless there is a clear conflict between the recommendations and the UF Guidelines. The Faculty Welfare Committee shall then advise the department and respective dean of its action;

    3. If the dean rejects without satisfactory explanation the Faculty Welfare Committee's notification that a conflict exists, then the Faculty Welfare Committee shall place the matter upon the agenda of the next meeting of the UF Senate; and

    4. Matters of appointment, promotion, dismissal, academic leave, and sabbatical leave are subject to final action by the University Administration. The Board of Trustees will make final decisions on the granting of tenure.

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