Grievance Committee

F. GRIEVANCES. This standing committee shall consist of four (4) tenured members of the UF and one (1) non-tenured member of the UF, and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Serve as a hearing committee for individual faculty members who are unable to resolve grievances, after having consulted with those having administrative responsibility over them up to and including the chief academic officer of the university as outlined in Section 12 of the UF Guidelines.

  1. The Grievances Committee will accept written requests dealing with promotion, tenure, re- appointment, sabbatical / academic leave, merit increases, and any violations of individual faculty contracts, the University Faculty Guidelines, University policy, or procedures as provided in the Administration and Operations (A&O) manual, or violations of laws governing employment. Upon receipt of a written complaint from a faculty member, the committee will meet and decide within ten (10) school days if the case merits a hearing. If at least two (2) members of the committee vote to accept the case, then the committee must hear the appeal.

  2. If an appellant considers some member of the Grievances Committee to be inappropriate, or if any member of the Grievances Committee has a bias or conflict of interest, the UF Chair

Page 11 of the University Faculty Bylaws, Amended April 23, 2013

will replace that person. (For information on procedure, see the University Faculty Guidelines, 12.4, 12.5, and 12.6.)

c. The Grievances Committee shall have the power to call witnesses and investigate evidence relevant to the case. The investigation shall be closed, with only the committee members and the testifying witnesses attending. When the appellant appears, he or she shall have the right to be assisted by another faculty member or an advocate.

  1. The committee’s investigation must be completed within twenty-five (25) school days unless there are exceptional circumstances. Permission to exceed the 25-class-day period must be approved by the UF Chair and explained to the appellant.

  2. At the end of its investigation, the Grievances Committee shall submit a report on the case to the President with copies to the Provost, the appellant, and the UF Chair.

2. Procedures governing faculty dismissal are outlined in SECTION 12 of the UF Guidelines.

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