9.0 Salaries and Compensation

9.1 Principles of Compensation

9.1.1 Compensation for teaching duties shall be according to academic ranks. This applies to all teaching, including courses in the Summer Session, part-time, and overload. Compensation for 10-month appointments shall be an additional 1/9th of the individual's current base salary. Compensation for 11‑month appointments shall be an additional 2/9ths of the individual's current base salary.

9.1.2 Compensation for administrative duties performed by faculty members shall be according to the administrative position they hold, under the established compensation policies and practices of the University.

9.1.3 Where the academic competence, experience, or attainments of the individual have no bearing, compensation for other duties, activities or responsibilities (such as attending the orientation program for new faculty members), shall be based upon a flat rate regardless of academic rank.

9.1.4 Current full‑time faculty members in ranks for which they do not qualify according to the established Guidelines, will retain their rank and salary rate and continue to receive any increases uniformly given to members in their rank. All other provisions apply to new appointees and current faculty members alike.

9.1.5 Lecturers and teaching assistants shall be compensated according to their qualifications, experience, and duties assigned.

9.2 Salary Schedule

9.2.1 A salary schedule is published and is revised whenever appropriate. The schedule shows a minimum and a maximum salary for each rank.

9.3 Extra Compensation

9.3.1 If extra duties not covered in Section 9.1.1 are assigned (coaching, for example, or teaching in a summer institute), the assignment is considered temporary in nature and extra compensation is provided with the approval of the Dean, either at the rate of the faculty member's base salary or by some other mutually agreeable computation.

9.3.2 Any base salary adjustments, other than those that are occasioned by the general pay increase or by merit or promotion eligibility, must be approved by the Provost.

9.4 Faculty Salary Review

9.4.1 A faculty member may submit a written request for salary review to the Dean. There must be specific assertions that can be verified or refuted; salary review requests may be based upon an unfair practice or other inequity. Documentation needs to be sufficient to support the faculty member's appeal. The Chair may assist the faculty member, if appropriate. However the faculty member has a right to request a salary review directly from the Dean. The review of the information will be conducted by the Dean who may ask the faculty member for additional substantiation if necessary. Absent extenuating circumstances, the review will be completed within two months from the date of the request. Any salary adjustment resulting from a review will not be paid retroactively. Final appeal decisions regarding salary review rest with the Provost.