Will Gallaudet be open Fall 2021?

YES – Gallaudet is planning for a full return to campus, face-to-face classes, and the residence halls while adhering to all public health guidelines. Your safety is our top priority.

Will there be hybrid classes this Fall?

No. Most classes will be in-person on campus. There will be some online courses, but not many. There will be no hybrid classes (e.g. some students in person and some online for the same class). Experiments with that showed it does not work well for our students and faculty.

What will classrooms look like?

Safety protocols will be in place in classrooms and common areas, including: Physical distancing between seats Required mask usage Daily self-assessment for all individuals on campus Improved ventilation, including HVAC system filter upgrades, maximizing outside airflow, and choosing spaces with direct fresh air access Twice-daily cleaning of classrooms; sanitizer and wipes supplied for additional self-cleaning […]