Do I have to get tested even though I am already fully vaccinated?

Yes, testing is required for all vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. The reasons include: there is still a small chance that you are carrying the virus, even if you are vaccinated new variants may emerge the length of the vaccine efficacy is still being evaluated (e.g. does it wear off after a certain period?) we need […]

Am I required to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes. Gallaudet University requires all Gallaudet and Clerc Center employees, Gallaudet students, and Clerc Center students aged 18 and above, to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Please view more information on our Vaccination page.

What can I do during isolation?

You will not be able to leave your room during isolation, except to go downstairs to the receiving dock area to pick up your delivered meal. You will be checked daily on video phone by a member of the contact tracing team, Student Health Service, or residence life staff.

Will Gallaudet offer COVID-19 vaccines?

Yes, vaccines are available to all Gallaudet Unviversity and Clerc Center employees and currently enrolled students (age 16 and over). You must pre-register and wait for an appointment time.

Can I leave campus this fall?

At this time, yes. You may leave campus and return to campus. As always, use your judgement and follow all safety guidelines, including wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing, and practicing hand hygiene.

Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine on campus after I arrive?

All enrolled students and faculty/staff can register to receive the vaccine on campus. Both doses must be received on campus (e.g. if you received your first dose elsewhere, you cannot get your second dose on campus). Currently, we are receiving vaccines weekly. That may change over time depending on the availability of vaccines from the […]